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Oh Mai Atafo! His Black & White Collection For FFA Is A Must See!

Mai Atafo presented a showstopping black and white collection in collaboration with Nivea at the Fashions Finest Africa that wrapped on Monday 28th May 2018.

Mai Atafo easily made a show out of the monochrome trend that was everything for the night. Strutting down in a super sultry sheer lace bustier jumpsuit, the designer opened the show with an exciting style that easily got the crowd yearning for the next look.

Going through a style take on sexy fits, the designer crafter showstopping bridal looks in the collection that was an eclectic mix of versatile, functional and sexy pieces not leaving the men out.

Sheer babydoll dresses, velvet co-ords, embellished swing dresses, sheer midi skirt, the endless tulle ball skirt was a major highlight! He brought his signature sartorial suit on the runway lacing them with intricate details. The modern trad looks weren’t left out; ‘agbada’ was a major style off the runway!

He brought his avant-gard-ish take on bridal pieces too on the runway and they all tied together nicely. With Mai Atafo honestly, there’s no expecting less. The collection was inspired by Nivea’s invisible black and white collection.

ZUMI was there to bring you all the pictures off the runway! What’s your best look(s) from the collection?



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