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Looking For Comfortable Heels? These 5 Styles Are Must-Haves If You’re Stylish

6-inch heels look super cool and all, but don’t be fooled; they are nowhere near comfortable.

As a trendy, stylish chic, you do want shoes that give you that extra height and grace without having to limp on your way home. Good thing there are comfortable, cute heels that don’t require you ditching your sense of style.

Check out some of these styles to add to your closet:

Block Heeled Mules

(Photo: Target Australia)

Mules are not just stylish but super easy to wear. With their cool slip-on style and leather insole, you will look even more stylish than you bargained for. The best part?  Most mules come with block heels. Talk about comfortably stylish….stylishly comfortable? You get the drift.

Kitten Heels


When picking pain-free, stylish heels, the kitten heel shoes should be at the top of your list. They are just 1.6 inches and can be styled with any formal attire you’re donning. You get to look glam without having to change into slippers or ditch them for sneakers.

(Fluffy) Ankle Strap Sandals


With an alluring velvety feel, this multi-strap, block heeled sandal is the dream! You already feel comfortable by just looking at it. Good thing it comes in many colours, you get to mix and match with different outfits. How cool is that?

Peep Toe Booties

(Photo: Steve Madden)

With sturdy leather exterior and comfortable leather interior, these peep-toe booties are the definition of comfortable. They hug your feet perfectly, protecting them from blisters while giving your look that stylish, cowgirl finish.

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The Melissa Wedge Heels

(Photo: Target Australia)

We all know that wedges are super comfortable and you might have wondered why it did not appear at the top of this list. Well, wedges might be a little old-fashioned but this ankle strap Melissa Wedge heel is far from outdated. It is simple, fashionable and absolutely comfortable. It can be styled with any formal attire and can be worn for both day and night activities.

We told you, there is a way to be comfortable in heels, and we just gave you five!

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