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Learn How To Print T-Shirts At Home With Torera Idowu’s Tips!

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 If you have been paying good attention online, you would have noticed a handful of print t-shirt lines! You will also find out that caption tees, graphic t-shirts and logo tees have become really huge!

The good part is, you can start this business if you know how to go about it and for those thinking it’s going to require such a huge capital to start off, Torera Idowu’s “D.I.Y print shirt might be just the inspiration you need.

The Youtuber shares affordable ways of doing things on her channel–her tips are off the hook as well. Here, she shares how to make  print t-shirt with a coloured printer–yes with that coloured printer you can find at home or at the office. Thanks to A-list celebrities who made this trend really huge and creatives starting out with their own t-shirt lines, this trend – we dare say is here to stay!

If you have been looking for ideas to start your t-shirt line, this video would really help! For Torera, her inspiration came from Temi Otedola and Fisayo Longe. She tried to remake their own versions just to prove these tips are easy and doable.

What you will need to make a print t-shirt:

  • A plain white tee
  • An inkjet coloured printer
  • A transfer paper
  • A pillowcase
  • Internet (to download pictures/images of your choice duh)
  • Pair of scissors
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Watch the video for easy tips and tricks to making a logo tee!

(Video Credit: DIYdose)

Would you be trying this out?