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Laundry Symbols: A Guide To Caring For Your Clothes & Making Them Last Longer

laundry symbols
If you’ve wondered why your clothes don’t last long, it might just because you’re not taking good care of them. And you can take care of your clothes by paying attention to the laundry symbols on the care labels.

Care labels are like the manuals for your clothes. Just as your phones and electronics come with instructions that tell you how to handle them, your clothes have care labels that you are actually supposed to pay attention to. So yeah, they were not just put there for decoration.

You might have tried to read the care labels of your clothes and you got confused because you couldn’t interpret the laundry symbols. We’re going to be helping you out with some of the most common laundry symbols today so you’ll be able to figure it out easily.

Hand wash

This symbol means that the garment should only be hand-washed and not machine washed or dry cleaned. So yeah there are clothes that actually should not be machine washed. And not complying could damage the fabric.

laundry symbols



Do not wash

There are certain clothes that should not be hand-washed because regular washing would either make them fade or damage the fabric over-time.

When you see this symbol on the label of your fabric, you shouldn’t hand wash the fabric. Have it dry cleaned.

laundry symbols


Permanent press

There are garments that have been treated to prevent wrinkles and creases and so they actually do not need ironing. So when you see this symbol, don’t bother ironing. It’s not necessary.

laundry symbols


Drip dry

Some fabrics like synthetic should not be squeezed after washing because they are supposed to be hung dripping wet. This is because when they are hung dripping wet, they dry crease-free, meaning they wouldn’t need ironing.

Laundry symbols



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Dry Flat
laundry symbols


This isn’t all though. We’re going to deal with more symbols especially as they pertain to ironing and washing with a machine in a different post. In the meantime, pay attention to the labels of your clothes and follow the care instructions. You’ll be surprised at how much longer your clothes will actually last.

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