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Lagos Fashion Week Is Here! Get Prepping With These 4 Fashion Items

Lagos Fashion Week
Fashion season is here and we are super excited! As exciting as it can get, it can also be super stressful as you know showing off stylish looks for 3 days in a row is no joke. Just so you have a swell time this season, we’re highlighting 4 fashion essentials that would get you through Lagos Fashion Week with ease!
  • Comfy Shoes

Throwing your best poses at photographers, networking and sitting for long hours is a major requirement at Lagos Fashion Week (if you don’t already know this). So staying away from shoes that would make your feet ache is in your interest. Luckily, there are tons of trendy feet friendly shoes – mules, sneakers, kitten heels all fall into this category. A pair of Keexs will definitely take your outfit from drab to fab and if you can rock your heels, make it comfy!

Lagos Fashion Week



Lagos Fashion Week

Instagram / Stephaniecoker

Lagos Fashion Week

Instagram / Awedbymoni

  • Eyewear

Eyewear is a must for a couple of reasons. First, we all know about the sun stance in Lagos and you need to protect your eyes from it. Apart from that, eyewear is a sure way to make a statement and would definitely add enough sass to your outfits.

Lagos Fashion Week

Instagram / Tokemakinwa

  • Cute Purses

Snacks, hand creams, lip balm, hand sanitizers are also essentials. Evidently, purses harbour all these things so why not give yourself a double score by making statements as well as keeping your needs handy.

Lagos Fashion Week

Instagram / Sarahlanga

Lagos Fashion Week

Instagram / Awedbymoni

  • Accessories

Necklaces, wristwatches, bracelets, anklets all add the oomph you need to fire up your looks. Don’t leave your house without them! Stuck? Learn how to make your hands look fashionable here!

Lagos Fashion Week

Instagram / Tray_ciee

More Lagos Fashion Week details? Check here for all the scoop you need to help you prepare!



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