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Ladies, Tie And Dye Might Be Taking Centre Stage This Year And We Have Proof!

tie and dye fashion
Tie and dye also popularly called Adire is nothing new to us. Because it was actually a thing in the ’90s before Ankara waltzed in and stole the show. But it’s coming back and we are totally here for it.

Now before you roll your eyes in indifference, we’ll have you know that Tie & dye isn’t what it used to be. Just in case what you’re remembering is the mess you created in fine art class in J.S.S 3. It has actually evolved. And it seems like it might be taking centre stage in fashion this year and we are really psyched about that! But before we get too excited, let’s tell you how we figured it out.

As any fashion enthusiast knows, one of the major ways to forecast trends is to be a keen observer during fashion shows and then pay attention to the market afterwards.

The New York Fashion Week which held in September 2018 featured looks from designers like R13 (left), Prabal Gurung (centre) and Eckhaus Latta(right) who showcased tie and dye outfits as part of their collection (we see appropriation here though, we digress):

tie and dye


Oh and it wasn’t just them, other designers like Collina Strada also showcased tie and dye pieces. Check out two of their pieces below:

tie and dye fashion

(Photo: imaxtree)

You’re probably thinking that this doesn’t look anything like tie and dye. Well, we told ya! It has evolved.

With all the tie and dye collections showcased by various designers, we’re not surprised that it has trickled down into some ready to wear fashion brands. E.g popular fashion retailer, Fashion Nova.

Tie and dye fashion 2019


And bringing it back home, our very own Tiffany Amber had beautiful tie and dye pieces shown privately during the Lagos Fashion Week last year. The pieces in her diffusion line, Tan By Tiffany Amber are gorgeous tie and dye designs. Check them out below:



See? It’s Tie and dye season, don’t sleep on it. To get in on it now, you can shop really fashionable tie and dye pieces here from just N2,600.

That’s not all, check out this brand that has an entire collection of Tie and dye pieces.

(Featured image: Instagram/Tanbytiffanyamber)

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