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Ladies, Lets Show You How To Pair Your Shoes With Your Outfits

pairing your outfits with your clothes
Shoes aren’t just a covering for the feet or something to walk around in. They’re a fashion accessory and like all fashion accessories, they should be worn the right way if you want to make a statement.

It’s not enough to just have a wardrobe full of shoes, you have to know the right way to pair them with your outfits. These tips below will have you stepping out in style every time! You’re welcome.

Peep-toe shoes

The basic rule to remember when wearing peep-toes is that you have to show your legs. So think of dresses and skirts in varying lengths from your knees to your mid-calf. But don’t wear with anything that extends beyond your mid-calf. Also, peep toes go better with skirts and dresses than they do with jeans or pants.

pair your outfits with your clothes



High- heeled sandals

These can go with pretty much anything. Dresses, skirts, jeans, pants in any length looks great with sandals. And sandals generally have three different kinds of heels: stilettos, block heels and wedges. Block heels and wedges are better with casual outfits while stilettos look great with evening gowns or more formal outfits.

pairing your outfit with your clothes

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Court shoes or pumps

With pumps, the same rule with peep-toes kinda applies which means that they look best with outfits that show your legs at least to a certain extent. As a matter of fact, you should never wear court shoes with floor length dresses, it’s not a good look; that’s what strappy sandals are for. Also, court shoes look really great with corporate outfits like suits so they are a great option if you work a formal 9-5 job but also work with casual outfits like jeans.

pairing your shoes with your outfits

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Sneakers have pretty much taken over the fashion scene. Gone were the days when they were mostly used for athletic or workout purposes. Now they can be worn with casual outfits like jeans, dresses and even pantsuits. So when you want to give a playful vibe to your outfit, just throw on a pair of sneakers.

pair your shoes with your outfit

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