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How Your Favourite Celebrities Are Styling This White Shirt Dress From Tubo RTW

White Shirt Dress
We started the year crushing on Tubo Ready-To-Wear and apparently, we are not the only ones who feel that way. A few fashionistas snagged the ‘IT’ white shirt dress from the brand and we love how they are working it.

The Zainab dress is a mid-length shirt dress with military-inspired pockets in front and a corseted waist area. Celebrities like Zainab Balogun (we presume it was named after her), Stephanie Coker, Mimi Onalaja, and Kaylah Oniwo have all stepped out looking like a whole meal in the dress. A white shirt dress is a classic piece in any wardrobe so we understand why it is such a crowd favourite. However, let’s check out how each of them styled theirs!

Zainab Balogun
White Shirt Dress

(Photo: Instagram / Zainabbalogun)

Slay-nab brought her classic vibe as she paired her shirt dress with a cross bag, a headscarf and matching white sneakers. Her take is very chic, comfy, and at the same time fabulous. We don’t know how she does it!

Mimi Onalaja
White Shirt Dress

(Photo: Instagram / Mimionalaja)

Just like Zainab, Mimi’s look is simple as well. The fashionista pairs hers with sneakers, big hoops earrings with her hair falling effortlessly over her shoulders. We love that it is a monochrome look yet it is relaxed – you don’t see that often!

Stephanie Coker
White Shirt Dress

(Photo: Instagram / Stephaniecoker)

Stephanie switches the shirt dress all the way up by pairing it with slingbacks and a snakeskin purse. Now, this is a look that redefines everything!

White Shirt Dress

(Photo: Instagram / Stephaniecoker)

Kaylah Oniwo
White Shirt Dress

(Photo: Instagram / Kaylahoniwo)

Apparently, everyone is letting the unique piece do all the work as Kaylah styled hers with nothing but a pair of fierce heels. We love that she made the fitting loose so it won’t look too serious.

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Featured image via Kaylahoniwo, Mimionalaja, Zainabbalogun