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5 Easy Ways To Style Floral Prints And Get Compliments!

Floral print is all sorts of feminine! Just like denim, this timeless prints will always have our hearts! It has always been a big deal to designers, fashion-forward ladies and even men.

For us, looking chic, feminine, soft and sophisticated is what we imagine when we see floral prints. Florals are timeless, versatile pieces and a must-have!

How to rock:
#1: As a maxi dress:

To appreciate the beauty of floral prints, go for a maxi dress or a maxi skirt!

#2: Summer fave

During spring or summer, designers play with a lot of floral prints! You can rock a floral backless dress mostly for summer events, beach parties or a day at the resort.

#3: Perfect with stripes:

If you love your style bold and daring, stripes or other prints bring out the best in florals. It’s fun playing with different prints such as stripe and florals!

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#4: Pants/skirts/shorts

Florals are perfect for cute pants, rompers, shorts and skirts (flares or A-lines in particular). Match it up with a chic top, exaggerated top or basic white tee to score more points!


5: kimono/dusters

Kimonos or dusters have to be one of the chic-est floral styles you can think of. At the moment, dusters are a huge trend and can fit your jeans, plain trousers or dresses. It’s worth investing!

Which floral style would you rock?




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