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Chic Ways To Style Round Neck Tees That Don’t Involve Jeans

Round neck tees
The role of round neck tees in every lady’s wardrobe cannot be overstated. Sometimes, we seem to forget that the fashion border of the staple stretches beyond the ‘jeans and top’ norm. For that reason, we will be taking a look at 5 other pieces you can style them with. Sit back, relax and have an awesome read!

Pants come in handy when you need to ditch your jeans (for a while). They fill the trouser void while still making a distinct statement. Colours, fabrics and prints go a long way and your vibe totally determines them.

Round neck tees

(Photo: Instagram / Jtofashion)


Round neck tees

(Photo: Instagram / Jtofashion)


The matching of skirts and tees is usually underrated. This unusual combination is the perfect choice for a sexy casual vibe.

Round neck tees

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Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are trendy right now and they make a perfect pair with round neck tees.  This combo is super edgy and that explains why it’s such a huge trend right now!

Round neck tees

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You are probably thinking the pair can’t work but we are proving otherwise! For the best results, pair your tees with mid-length body-hugging dresses. The result will be another vibe you didn’t think existed.

Round neck tees

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Dungarees and round neck tees are the perfect retro combination. You can opt for this option when you feel like you have exhausted the rest – you won’t be disappointed!

Round neck tees

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