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Check Out These Ankara Head Wrap Styles You’ll Dump Your Wigs For

(Photo: Pinterest via Petia A. Bradshaw)
Ankara head wraps are the perfect accessories when you’re having a bad hair day, tired of wigging it or simply just want to infuse an Afrocentric vibe into your outfit.

They can be worn with pretty much anything; jeans, dresses, skirts. Check out these really cool styles to try.

(Photo: Pinterest via Petia A. Bradshaw)

This is great for when the hairstyle you have on has a lot of volume. The hair is piled high on top of the head, and the scarf wrapped around it.

(Photo: Pinterest via Chuma Dasa )

This is perfect for when you want to just keep things simple. And you can also do it with your natural hair up in a ponytail.

(Photo: Pinterest via Kevin Omenkeh)

This is our favourite. Just look at the cute bow sitting pretty on her head.

(Photo:Pinterest via Stalyne B.)

This is a pretty common style. Starting from the back, the scarf is tied at the front of head and the ends formed into a bun.

(Photo: adrinkaexpo.com)

This look is for when you want to go big and bold. Perfect for when you’re dressed in an ankara asoebi and you don’t want to tie the conventional gele.

(Photo: Pinterest via Victoria Hopkins )

Here the scarf is wrapped around the front of the head to form a pompadour.

(Photo: Pinterest via Anne Kasangi)

And if you’re wondering how to pull off the beautiful styles we just showed you, check out this video by Khadija Mutoka showing 20 ways to do the Ankara head wrap.

Guess what goes really nicely with Ankara head wraps? Ankara maxi skirts! Check out these really cool styles.

(Featured image: Pinterest via Stalyn B/ adrinkaexpo.com)

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