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Ankara Styles: 5 Must-Have Outfits To Add To Your Wardrobe

Each week brings fresh new Ankara styles that are truly eye-catching. Whether it’s meant for work or party, there’s always something to swoon over!

Your wardrobe needs variety of these prints because it just gets better everyday. Jumpsuits, sophisticated tops, dresses and mixed Ankara prints are styles to look out for when shopping or making tailored choices. Remember details do the trick and adds that oomph to your look.

Check out these Ankara styles:
  • Over-sized dusters

This style tops the list because of the cold season especially now that it’s raining a lot, one would need a duster jacket for warmth. A duster jacket could be over-sized but should be stylish, paired with any piece. Wear with a short dress, jumpsuit or pair with a fitted denim/pants.


Photo: Instagram/Midget Giraffe

  • Statement top

This piece is a must-have for semi-formal parties, brunches etc. A cold-shoulder with train is a good start and you can do no wrong in it!


Photo: Instagram/Ama_k_abebrese

  • Mixed prints

This trend has become really huge! To add more drama, score your look in contrasting prints and Ankara fabric’s richness is definitely a way to go!


Photo: Instagram/Nancy Isime

  • A wrap dress

Ankara wrap dresses are perfect for any event and are a must-have! Whether form-fitted or maxis, these options would do justice to your shape.

5-ankara-styles-your=wardrobe needs

Photo: Instagram/Borah George

  • One-shoulder party dress

If there is only one Ankara outfit in your wardrobe suitable for a party, it should be a mono-shoulder number. This style is about to be the biggest trend of 2018 as we see from top designers latest collections.


Photo: Instagram/Berlamundi


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What print style is your favourite?