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How Accessories Can Transform You From Yawn To Yummy

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Sometimes, it seems that the boring monster crawled up your closet and died in there. That’s not the case! All you need is some accessories to spice things up. If all your favorite outfits are starting to look dull, it’s not a time break the bank. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe, you need some shiny things aka accessories.

Your wardrobe may seem like it’s filled with many clothes that just make you want to yawn; but accessories can work magic in transforming them into a Wardrobe Yum! With the right bag, shoe, hat, belt or jewelry, that now boring outfit will just look perfect enough for a glam day out.

Here’s how:

Shoes that transform

Don’t get all bubbly thinking about Cinderella. Your transformation won’t end at the stroke of midnight if you play your cards right. Your choice of footwear depends on the occasion. If you are off to a business meeting then throw on a pair of heels that will make a statement with the style or color. For a more casual look you can opt for strappy sandals or sneakers.

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Belts that beautify

Does your dress look shapeless or boring? Then you can draw more attention to your waistline with the right belt. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes and can be used for different kind of outfits. Be careful not to let it clash with your metallic jewelries or scarf.

Scarves that alter

Your look can be altered based on the style, pattern or color of scarf you decide to throw on that outfit. They give you an edgy and fashion forward look that can transform your everyday style into a fabulous one. For warm weather you can throw on a lighter scarf, while a thicker one can be used when it’s chilly.

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Jewelries that stand out

While some opt for chunky jewelries, others would rather go simple. Either way, jewelries can be a nice accessory for any outfit. If you’d rather go for the simple necklace and earring, you can pop a bit of color with your arm candy. With your wrist beautified with bangles or a simple watch, you can just complete that look for your day out.

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Bags that save the day

Bags make a huge statement any day. This staple is for those who like to explore their options when it comes to their bag accessories. You can go easy with a clutch or a bigger bag, it all depends on what you have on – not necessarily on you. You can match your bag to your shoes, belt, shoes, scarf or necklace or just go crazy with a bold mismatch to make a fashion statement.

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Shades that slay

It’s rare these days to see any fashionista who doesn’t have a pair of classy shades. Fashionable eye wear has definitely come to stay and they are an added accessory to revitalize your look. Shades add extra magic to your appearance and can quickly transform you from a regular girl to a slay queen. So work that look girl!

What’s your favorite accessory?