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90s Trends That Are Making A Comeback This Season

90s trends
90s fashion staples are in! We can’t tell if it’s plain taking a trip down memory lane or just recreating the fab 90s! Whatever the case is, let’s take a look at some 90s trends the fashion crowd can’t get enough of this season!
Tinted Vintage Eyewear

Vintage glasses” as they are fondly called are hip and they add the perfect amount of retro to any outfit. They are gradually becoming a staple for the fashion ‘IT’ babe who looks to eyewear to make a statement. Definitely one of the 90s trends that is here to stay!

90s trends

(Photo: Instagram / Hafymo)


If you really are not familiar with this trend, you must live in a deep cosy cage, sorry! Logomania scored huge points throughout 2018 and the buzz isn’t over yet. The trend had fashion brands digging dip into their archive just to make a comeback. Fendi is winning with this!

90s trends

(Photo: Instagram / Abi_kd)

Cycling Shorts

The classic sportswear is in no way a new trend but we have Kim Kardashian to thank for the comeback. Cycling shorts are definitely in among street style lovers and even better, the styling possibilities are exciting. They are about to be your favourite all-round staple. Did we mention they are uber comfy?

90s trends

(Photo: Instagram / Tokemakinwa)


If there’s a print dominating the scene right now, it has to be check. Fashionistas are going full on by clashing different types of check. It definitely creates a wholesome strippy look.

90s trends

(Photo: Instagram / Jtofashion)

90s trends

(Photo: Instagram / Mariipvzz)

Colour Block

Colour block saves everyone the stress of matching outfit colours but most importantly screams confidence. It’s also a definite look to get heads turning your way. This trend is definitely here to stay!

90s trends

(Photo: Instagram / S4de_u)

These ’90s trends are obviously not going anywhere, so joining the bandwagon? We have to ask though, what trend is your all-time favourite?

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