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6 Colour Combinations You Didn’t Think Would Work Together

Colour Combinations
Colour combinations are very hard and in our opinion, there should be a handbook on how to pair them grand.

Before now, we heard stories of how bold colours don’t work together or some hues just can not be paired with another (who makes these rules) but like they say “red bold colours are the ultimate cure for sadness“. We found unusual colours that work perfectly together, even you won’t believe your own eyes:

Orange & Lemon

Never in a million years did we think these colours could work together but they actually do and we have proof! Both colours are quite vibrant so we suggest opting for a dark shade of orange to create a fine balance. This option is the ultimate of all the other colour combinations and would definitely turn heads…100%!

Colour Combinations

(Photo: Instagram / Ada_oguntodu)

Sky Blue & Lilac

We are slowly finding out that colours in the ‘same family’ work seamlessly together. Sky blue and lilac are both pastel colours so if you want a chilled vibe for the day, this is the colour co-ord you want!

Colour Combinations

(Photo: Instagram / Hafymo)

Pink & Orange

This combo is definitely the trickiest of them all so to avoid stepping out looking like a candy crush level (haha), work with the darker shades of both colours. For a superb result, keep the pink option as the top and orange as the bottom. It works better that way!

Colour Combinations

(Photo: Instagram / Findingpaola)

Blue, Yellow & Red

Where are our colour rebels? This one is definitely for you! We don’t know how but these primary colours totally work so feel free to go all out.

Colour Combinations

(Photo: Instagram / Tk_wonder)

Same Colour Shades

Colours in the same family tend to work pretty well together. All you have to do is pick a main and go monochromatic in a distinct way. The catch to this option is that it adds a new vibe to the monochrome trend – you’ll be a trendsetter without even trying!

Colour Combinations

(Photo: Instagram / Iamickirabo)

Red & Purple

This combo is a norm for ladies who actively block colours. It is only right we include it since the colour block trend is here to stay.

Colour Combinations

(Photo: Instagram / Thestylethesarus)

Weird combos right? That’s the whole idea! We want to know, which are you trying first?

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(Featured Image: Instagram/Tk_wonder)