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5 Types Of Bra Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Different activities and outfits often require that you wear a different type of bra, either for comfort, or a better fit for your outfit. Certain bras, while making your boobs look great in an outfit may not exactly be comfortable, or even functional.

It is not fashionable to wear a tube dress, for example, and have your bra straps showing. The fashion police might just lock you up for this!  On another hand, it is not a smart move to wear your regular bra to the gym. Just imagine the horror of having your boobs swing every which way while you’re trying to get your cardio done because the bra you chose has bad support. It is extremely uncomfortable, we’ll have you know.

We love you too much to allow you to go out with the wrong bra for the occasion, so, we have gathered a list of five types of bra that every girl absolutely needs in her closet.

1. Sports Bra

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If you are going to participate in any intense physical activity, you need your bra to offer comfort and protection. Sports bras don’t have the underwire rims that most bras have, and that, coupled with their soft padding make them the best type of bra for intense physical activities, like dancing, doing yoga and hitting the gym.

2. Strapless Bra

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For days you want to show off your shoulders in a strapless outfit, or a tank top, you absolutely need to wear a strapless bra.  Your bra strap cannot peek out of outfits like this, so, this is the most stylish option. There are some strapless bras that also don’t have a back strap, that just clips at the side. The perfect bra for an outfit with a very low back. If you buy the right size for you, it will make your boobs look even better in the outfit.

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3. Demi Bra

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Demi bras are sexy bras! We all have those moments where we want to look sexy and feel powerful, either for ourselves or for someone else. Demi bras are a perfect choice for this. If you are wearing an outfit that has a low- cut or a swooping neckline, a demi bra will suit it just fine, as the bra itself will not show beneath the cloth.

4. Statement Bra


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For days you want to wear a sheer top, and actually, show off your bra, a statement bra is the one for you. It is extremely versatile because you can also wear it on its own as a crop top, or as a bikini top. Of course, how you chose to wear it depends on the occasion. It is popularly known as a bralet.

5. Push-up Bra

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Outfits that benefit more from a push-up bra are those that require a well filled out bodice to give a better fit. Evening dresses and a lot of ‘owambe’ styles generally look better when you wear a push-up bra underneath.

If you are missing any of these bras in your closet, you might want to go shopping. Don’t wait until you need it the next day to go bra shopping, you don’t know what occasion might arise. Set your closet up to be prepared for any occasion!

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