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5 Trendy Budget-Friendly Designer Inspired Work Bags You’ll Love

Sometimes, seeing a N180,000 price tag on your dream bag can be depressing!

You love the bag to bits but cannot afford it. Well, check out lovely budget-friendly designer inspired work bags specially curated for you. Just like every other fashion item, these bags are very durable if you care for them the right way and you can totally get them for less than N20,000 (deal yeah).

This Korean Designed Women Handbag is a sophisticated bag you can rock to work all the time
 designer inspired work bags

(Photo: Lelong)

It is beautifully detailed, giving you that elegant and confident look. The best part? It costs less than 12,000. Where to get it? Instagram vendors like @thebudgetshopperbyhs have this in different colours and style, browse through their page and you just might be lucky.

This simple and gorgeous Jessie & Jane bag is also available for less than 20,000.
 designer inspired work bags

(Photo: Ali express)

Made from pure handcrafted leather, this bag inspired by the Givenchy Antigona is absolutely durable and perfect for work. This monochrome work handbag will totally suit any outfit so you do not have to worry about matching your wear with your bag. You can get something close for N7,500 here.

Another popular designer inspired bag is the Hermes ‘lookalike’
 designer inspired work bags

(Photo: Christie’s)

Hermes bags are the absolute truth! Classy, colourful, handy, sophisticated, and all that in one bag so it’s not a shock that people with a budget lean towards this design. You can find Hermes inspired designs that are budget friendly in boutiques and online stores. All you have to do is get the right one that works with your personal style. Get it here for N12,000.

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This cute mini office bag is a super trendy piece
 designer inspired work bags

(Photo: Instagram/the fashion boss)

Popular among conservative workaholic ladies, this effortless handbag can serve as both handbag and sling bag. It’s a must own and versatile. You can score something close to this here for N7,500.

This mini croc leather handbag is another super budget-friendly designer inspired work bag
 designer inspired work bags

(Photo: Instagram/the fashion boss)

The leather is smooth and not bad at all as a fashion accessory. This versatile bag can serve as both a work and a casual bag. With its finely detailed finishing and gold clamps, this box bag is every fashion forward lady’s dream! It costs between N5000 and N6000. Buy it here.

This budget-friendly designer inspired work bags are pretty easy to get. However, when shopping online, look out for scammers and fraudulent vendors. To be safe, take note of legitimate reviews and testimonies before making any purchase.

Featured Image via Instagram/Christie’s