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5 Pieces That Prove Fashionistas Are Digging Airy Outfits

Airy outfits like maxi dresses always work around the clock here in Nigeria but it seems like fashion enthusiasts are taking a special liking for sexy easy breezy dresses.

A while back, easy breezy pieces didn’t translate to eye-catching fashion but ever since fashion and comfort have made a cool merger, they are now being styled in really stylish ways. See some of the pieces that we think are total style favourites!

Slip Dresses

(Photo: Instagram / Olomidedidi)

Slip dresses are ultra-feminine and really easy to wear. However, we love them most when they come in airy silk fabrics because of how they sit perfectly on the body. Usually, fashionistas layer tees underneath to make it somewhat appropriate but it seems like showing skin is the trend right now!

Pleated Skirts

(Photo: Instagram / Sharonooja)

Pleated skirts are forever trendy as they go with literally anything. But if you are one that takes note of these things, you’ll notice pairings like crop tops and lace bodysuits are in instead of the usual round neck tee, blazer and pumps pairings.

Lightweight Tea Dresses

(Photo: Instagram / Bambambestowed)

Lightweight dresses can come in different forms. They can either be maxi florals or midi length with details like slits and deep neckline. Either way, we love that fashionistas are no longer dressing them down by pairing them with slippers and sandals. We think cleaner and really chic pairings work well.

See-through Pieces

(Photo: Instagram / Samyjovalentine)

Fashionistas have been making a case for organza pieces for a while but that’s a topic for another day. However, they are ditching their opaque undergarments and making sheer statements. If you ask us, we’ll say it is a good way to bare a little bit of skin.

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High Slit Skirts

(Photo: Instagram / Ada_oguntodu)

Skirts with deep slits are like the easiest pieces to rock. All you have to do is choose a length that suits the occasion. You can either opt for a maxi length for the beach or a midi length and dress it up with tee and heels to make a flirty yet casual statement. The options are limitless!

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Featured image via Sharonooja, Olomidedidi, Ada_oguntodu




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