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5 Hot Nail Polish Colours You Should Wear This December

nail polish colours
Christmas is here ladies. It’s that time of the year where there are tons of activities to engage in. There are loads of parties and hangouts and this calls for some extra ‘packaging’ if you know what we mean.

Having a badass mani is one major armour every girl needs to buff up her confidence. Now, there are tons of nail designs and nail polish colours that look absolutely fabulous on dark skin but for the holiday season, we have picked out 5 nail polish colours. And you do have to give them a try. There’s no negotiating this because we guarantee they will be the bomb!

nail polish colours

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Why not? It’s the colour of the season. It’s bold and fierce. It goes well with other colours so you do not have to worry about it clashing with your outfit. Plus, it looks amazing on diverse skin tone. So go ahead and book that appointment with your nail technician. Go on, we are waiting.

Forest Green
nail polish colours

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Another magnificent Christmas colour, this deep green shade is everything you need to pull off your sophisticated look this holiday. It is both sophisticated and bold and requires an appropriate amount of sass to pull off. Greens are friendly and can easily be paired with almost every other colour so that part is covered too.

Ombre Nude


This natural colour is still one of the best things to happen to the world ever. Nude is a very cool, conservative colour that always gracefully blends with any other colour it’s paired with. Since there are different shades of nude and we are yet to see a shade we don’t like, you can decide to give your nails that extra oomph by trying out an ombre nude look. Wondering where you can get this style done? Check our list of top nail salons in Lagos.


nail polish colours

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Hot and sophisticated! Navy blue is also one of the colours you should totally consider wearing this December, not only does it matches with the majority of other colours but also gives your finger a sophisticated and extravagant look.

nail polish colours

(Photo: Instagram / Nailstudiobytom)

If you are sceptical about bold, daring colours than stay away from this one. Mustard is a rich, alluring colour that calls attention to your hands. Sitting pretty between yellow and orange, it does not scream to be seen like neons do but demands to be appreciated.

Wear any of these nail polish colours this holiday season with elegance and watch heads turn your way.

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