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10 Bold Looks From Fashions Finest Africa

Fashions Finest Africa
Fashions Finest Africa 2018 introduced a lot of new and emerging designers for the 3-day event held in Lagos and did they come prepared.

Fashions Finest Africa not only gave the new designers a platform, they got a chance to go all out with some making a case for bold daring looks! Mai Atafo was a headline designer for the last day shutting down the 3-day show with an amazing presentation but not without some sassy pieces thrown in the mix! The opening number was all sorts of fierce, revealing, confident and downright sexy. So was the black bridal look and a sheer embellished white bridal number!

A lot of pieces from the designers rang in sultry, sexy and confident while some went downright edgy and uber revealing- looks only the bold would dare rock but they easily caught everyone’s eye.

The fierce jacket that opened Guzzling’s show styled super cool and sexy stands out while a sheer blouse from SGTC is one hard to forget. An edgy menswear piece from Jane Michael screams unconventional and non-conformist styled complete with an embellished sash and opaque visor.

Fashions Finest Africa


Fashions Finest Africa

Jane Michael

Fashions Finest Africa

Love Nwafor

Love Nwafor showed off an edgy and seductive lace number featuring an exaggerated side bow paired with a red skirt with pleated black insert. Adejo with the tiered mono sleeve co-ord look is all sorts of chic.

Fashions Finest Africa


Saanduks brought it with a sheer piece topping the lingerie trend with Isi Atagamen doing same with a sultry co-ord featuring a sheer maxi skirt. Hackky’s sheer graphic monochrome bandeau bodysuit under a sheer polka dot shift was definitely a winning sultry look and the list goes on.

Fashions Finest Africa


Fashions Finest Africa

Isi Atagamen

Fashions Finest Africa


Would you dare rock these looks? Which ones would you cop for when you intend to make that bold statement?



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