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Nigeria At 58! Here’s Why Timi Dakolo’s ‘Great Nation’ Is The Perfect Independence Day Song

Timi Dakolo's 'Great Nation' Is The Perfect Independence Day Song!
Our beloved country turned 58 today and amidst the celebrations,  Timi Dakolo’s ‘Great Nation’ is trending on all social platforms. Here’s why we think it is the perfect Independence Day song.

Timi Dakolo’s ‘Great Nation’ is one of the best songs ever written. In fact,  it is a song every Nigerian can relate with especially when the time to pledge allegiance comes. Hence,  it is not surprising that today,  the song is trending on social media as part of the Independence Day celebrations. We love the song and agree that it should be one of Nigeria’s official anthems. Here’s why we think so.

1. The message in Timi Dakolo’s ‘Great Nation’ is always timely

He explains how we, as Nigerians, should be each other’s keepers and stay united for the progress of our nation. As the lyrics aptly say, “we are all we have and we’ll defend our land.”

2. The song is a call for hope and action

It calls all of us to keep our hopes up as citizens and keep pushing. Plus, Timi Dakolo sings in such a way that these messages hit the core of our hearts and push us to love Nigeria over again.

3. Timi Dakolo’s ‘Great Nation’ is very musical

The message and instruments come together to give a beautifully composed piece of music. Gush, Timi Dakolo can sing!

4. He performs the song with so much passion

When Timi Dakolo performs ‘Great Nation’ live, we can feel his infectious zeal and love for the country.

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We honestly believe every Nigerian should listen to Timi Dakolo’s ‘Great Nation’. You can watch the video below.

What do you think about the song? Share with us in the comment section. While you’re here,  check out these inspiring TED talk by Nigerian women.



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