Listen To Sade Adu’s Moving New Song, ‘The Big Unknown’ – ZUMI

Listen To Sade Adu’s Moving New Song, ‘The Big Unknown’

Sade Adu "The Big Unknown" ZUMI
When it comes to music, 2018 is the gift that keeps on giving. Earlier this year, Sade Adu returned from a seven-year hiatus with a new single, “Flower of the Universe” – a featured soundtrack on Ava Duvernay’s fantasy film, A Wrinkle In Time.

Sade Adu has once again released another single, “The Big Unknown”, a contribution to Steve McQueen’s Widows. When the song’s release was announced two months ago, McQueen described it as a perfect combination for the movie.

New Jam Alert: Listen To Sade Adu's Moving New Song, 'The Big Unknown' ZUMI

(Photo: Youtube/Sade)

On the Aaron Taylor Dean-produced song, Sade soulfully sings about falling into the dark, big unknown but still rising above the darkness because “a humble seed will grow”. The lyric video features clips from the movie and the emotional lyrics blend perfectly against the sadness and pain in the background.

We rarely see this sort of harmony between an iconic feature track and a powerful movie about strong women comes. Therefore, Sade and our faves from the movie, Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo, better win awards for their performances next year.

Widows is out in cinemas nationwide this Friday. In the menatime, listen to “The Big Unknown” below:





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