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Rahma Sadau And Banky W Are ‘Frenemies’ In The Teaser For ‘Up North’

(Youtube: Anakle Films)

(Youtube: Anakle Films)

It goes without saying that NYSC is hella problematic, ridiculously stressful, yet surprisingly ‘interesting’. It is hard to put this experience into words and this is why upcoming movie, Up North has got us really hyped.

In Up North, Banky W plays, Bassey Otuekong, an IJGB -(I Just Got Back, used to describe returnees,) who moves back to serve his country. As punishment for defying his father, he is forced to serve in Bauchi – everyone who has completed their service year knows how dreadful it is to get posted anywhere that far.

(Youtube: Anakle Films)

Expectedly, his service year is as crappy as anyone can imagine – from the exhausting camp drills to the PPA struggles. At any rate, he falls in love with his new environment and also meets the delectable Rahma Sadau, a no-nonsense, possible colleague who has no time for his antics. The star-studded film also features Adesua Etomi, Michelle Dede, Kanayo O Kanayo, T.Boss and more.

While the Tope Oshin-directed movie seems totally relatable, it would’ve been much better if someone young enough to sell the NYSC act took the role. At any rate, we can’t wait to see how they interprete NYSC struggles when the movie comes out on December 28.

In the meantime, watch the first teaser for the movie below:



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