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Here Are All The Nollywood Movies Coming To Cinemas This December

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It’s Detty December once again, and this means there are a number of concerts and Nollywood movies lined up for this festive season.

In the past couple of months, we have shared a number of Nollywood movies coming to cinemas in December. As we approach the end of the year with the release dates drawing near, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most anticipated Nigerian movies coming out this December, in case you missed it. From the much-hyped Chief Daddy to the thrilling Knock Out Blessing, there are several movies to choose from if you can’t watch them all.

1. Power of 1 – December 7

According to the producers, this movie was partly inspired by Tubaba’s life. The singer is one of the few entertainers who use their art to call for social justice. The trailer follows a beloved singer whose activism brings grave consequences for him and his family.

2. SMASH – December 7

The John Njamah-directed film follows five infamously single young men who navigate the cheating dating cycle in addition to dealing with society’s pressure to settle down.

3. Heaven On My Mind – December 7

Produced by Ini Edo and Uche Jombo, Heaven On My Mind follows the lives of the polygamous Ben Parker, his two wives and the commotion that ensues when he decides to take another wife.

 4. Kasala! – December 7

Kasala! is a movie about a day in the life of four young men who try to find a solution to a problem within 5 hours by exploring every avenue known to them.

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3. Chief Daddy – December 14

Chief Daddy follows  the life of the late Chief Beecroft’s life – a billionaire industrialist and philantropist who has too many mistresses to count. Following his death, there’s trouble within his large family over the settlement of his will.

4. God Calling – December 21

In the complex trailer for God Calling, Zainab Balogun plays a drug-addicted wife and mother who receives a shocking phone call from God.

5. Knock Out Blessing – December 21

The thrilling film follows three girls whose quest for survival takes them down a path that leads into the criminal sector of Nigeria’s political underworld.

6. Up North – December 28

Up North tells the tale of the exuberant Bassey Otuekong, an IJGB deployed to serve in Bauchi as punishment for defying his father. With his service year being as crappy as anyone can imagine, he surprisingly falls in love with his environment and even refuses to return home as an act of rebellion.

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