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Netflix Is Set To Produce African Original Series In 2019

Genevieve Nnaji's Lionheart ZUMI
This year, streaming platform giant, Netflix acquired the rights to Genevieve Nnaji’s film, Lionheart, making it the first Nigerian original film on the platform.

The acquisition of Genevieve’s film and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s directorial debut, The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, signalled the platform’s interest in the African film industry.

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In the past, TV enthusiasts had to tune into various channels at specific times to watch their favourite series. Now, thanks to Netflix, you can watch your favourite series at any time, from the comfort of your bed, especially as young people living in the age of technology. Not only that, the platform is also doubling down on their original movies, making it even easier for its users gain access to films across multiple genres.

Genevieve Nnaji Interviewed On CNN About Her Directorial Debut 'Lion Heart'

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Netflix’s interest in African TV shows comes as no surprise as we now live in a time where it has become cool to be African. We’ve said it many times that we’re experiencing a paradigm shift in the quality of TV series. Well-written shows like Battleground and Eve have managed to secure the general public’s interest – and this is telling of better things to come for Nigerian TV.

Variety reports that the platform’s Europe team will begin to commission African series  in 2019. The company’s vice president of international originals, Eric Barmack thinks that this move is a great moment in television history for movie producers as there is an increase in demand for non-English content on the platform.

He said:

There is so much interest in the storytelling here that if you have multiple choices from platforms, that’s a great place to be”.

Given how the size of the market, we can’t wait to see what this means for existing streaming platforms like IrokoTV, EbonyLifeOn and Linda Ikeji TV.

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