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This Moving Trailer For ‘Last Days’ Tackles Breast Cancer Awareness

This Moving Trailer For 'Last Days' Tackles Breast Cancer Awareness
Star Nollywood producer Moses Olufemi is portraying breast cancer as a debilitating condition and it’s effects on it’s victims and their families in his latest movie ‘Last Days’.

Nollywood is slowly becoming everything that we always wanted it be. In the sense that the new wave of movies are addressing real life issues and matters that do not all involve cliché storylines and stereotypes (read: the bad stepmother, money rituals, and runs girls). Movies like ’93 Days’ – which focused on the Nigerian Ebola crisis, and Last Days taking on breast cancer awareness are looking like the future of Nollywood and we’re totally here for it.

Last Days is an inspirational film aimed at creating breast cancer awareness for women in Africa and beyond. It was written and produced by Moses Olufemi and directed by Biodun Stephen. The movie stars Vivian Metchie, as Grace Ikedia, a breast cancer survivor and religious widow known as  ‘Mama Peace’, who battles breast cancer after the demise of her alcoholic husband. She was left with two children and no support and struggled hard to raise money for treatment. The breast cancer reoccurs which causes her to question her faith in God.

The movie is already winning awards as it received a bronze award at Christian Family Film Festival and Best Screen Play at Motion Pictures International Film Festival.

Watch the trailer to the movie below:

This is a must watch for everyone. We can’t wait to see it! Kudos to the entire team that worked on this one.

Genevieve said Nollywood producers usually have to self fund all their movies. Imagine how much more these producers would be able to do if they had better external funding. Na wa!



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