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Everything You Need To Know About Falz’ ‘Sweet Boys Association’

Everything You Need To Know About Falz' 'Sweet Boys Association'
Falz The Bahd Guy recently started a movement he calls ‘Sweet Boys association’. The SBA has become a full fledged association that every Lagos big boy, yoruba demons inclusive are looking to join.

Mr President of the sweet boys association, Falz started the Sweet Boys association a little over a month ago. He started out posting pictures of himself and his celebrity friends captioning the ‘SBA’.


Guys! There is an actual website? It’s not a joking sturv, Sweetboysassociation.comΒ is an actual thing. Celebrities such as Noble Igwe, Timini Egbuson and Tobi Bakre are all full members of the SBA. If you’re looking to join the SBA there’s a code of conduct to go by. Here it is:

Just yesterday, there was a presidential address from the office of the SBA President. Key points were that membership to the association was free, that there was an SBA anthem on the way and people should stop posing as members if they were not legit members. Here’s the full clip from the address:

As promised, the SBA anthem is out! Falz has released new music called ‘Sweet Boy’. Listen below:

What do you think? Don’t we deserve a sweet girls association too? Falz met up with Diddy last month? We think he qualifies to be a Sweet boy. Yes or Yes?



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