DJ Cuppy's Opinion On Feminism: See How Nigerians Reacted To The ClipZUMI

People Are Angry O! See Nigerians’ Reactions To DJ Cuppy’s Opinion On Feminism

People Are Angry O! See Nigerians' Reactions To DJ Cuppy's Opinion On Feminism ZUMI
When a person, most especially a public figure makes a statement against women and women rights, it riles social media up and gets pretty much everyone talking about it. That is exactly what DJ Cuppy’s opinion on feminism is doing.

Dj Cuppy’s opinion which she aired on her interview with City 105.1fm yesterday is causing a lotta stir on social media, as it should!  Considering the high pedestal a lot of Nigerians place her in the industry, most people found her understanding of feminism rather uninformed. Omo, she fell many people’s hands o! Listen to what she said at the interview below:

However, Nigerian men as expected did not disappoint with their comments.

Here’s what a few people had to say on twitter:


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Here’s what we think about this whole brouhaha. To each his own opinion right? What’s yours?