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Meet Chika Oranika, The Nigerian-American Rapper Making An Impact With Her Viral Remixes

Chika Oranika
There’s a good chance you’ve probably come across Jane Oranika, popularly known by her stage name, Chika Oranika, on social media.

Before we go further, you should know that her powerful viral clips have earned her follows and recognition from celebrities, including Naomi Campbell, Common, Wale, Jada-Pinkett, Tracee Ellis Ross, Troye Sivan, Erykah Badu and Leslie Jones.

Chika Oranika

(Photo: Instagram/Chika Ornika)

Chika Oranika gained social media attention in 2016 when she posted a controversial video of herself in ‘white face‘ after Donald Trump was announced as President-elect of USA. However, the clip didn’t only go viral, it also got her Twitter account suspended.

In February 2017, she inspired the ‘Beyonce Ego challenge,’ which promoted self-love and gave women an opportunity to talk about their flaws. Months later, she remixed Ed Sheeran’s hit, “Shape of You,” and turned it into an LGTBQ anthem for pride month.

An Alabama native and the daughter of two Nigerian immigrants, Chika, who started rapping at 15, dropped out of college to pursue her dreams as a rapper. Of course, this decision didn’t sit well with her Nigerian-American parents.

Currently 21, she has grown into a talented and outspoken woman, determined to make rap less male-dominated. And when she isn’t remixing popular songs, she’s focused on tackling political issues and dismantling patriarchy in hip-hop.

Remixing songs isn’t all she’s good at; Chika has some original songs of hers too. In 2017, she released an EP titled Full Bloom. The body of work explored her love for poetry, challenges as a black woman, and her sexuality.

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In an interview with Vice, she said her aim is to change the world and how people think. With what she has done so far, we can say she is on the right path to achieving that. Chika Oranika is definitely going to be around for a long time, and we here for it! Hopefully, in the nearest future, we will have more women making an impact in hip-hop and getting the deserved recognition.

From Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” to Cardi B’s “Money,” Chika has remixed some of our favourite songs – you can check out her Instagram page for more.  


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