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Tiwa Savage Says Nigerians Don’t Respect Or Value Women

Tiwa Savage Says Nigerians Don't Not Respond Or Value Women ZUMI
Following her return to social media after a long break, Tiwa Savage has stirred the pot on Twitter with her recent tweets.

During an interview in 2017, Tiwa Savage rejected feminism claiming that Nigerian women only needed to work hard in spite of the gender-based inequality they faced. Interestingly, she seemed to backtrack on her 2017 comments as she ranted about how the country treats its women. Tiwa even went as far as dragging a troll who called women ‘weak vessels’ in response to her tweet.

Although people couldn’t forget the bitter taste of her 2017 comments, it seemed for a second that she had come to understand that ‘hard work’ and attaining success are not enough to give women equal rights. Unfortunately, she also went on to address the women who try to undermine her success. Given how women make up some of her biggest fans, it is rather ‘interesting’ that she made this comment, especially during Women’s History Month.

Not every woman will support or like her music, and this is a normal experience for artists regardless of their gender. Instead of feeding into the false narrative that “women don’t support women”, by singling out those who try to undermine her, Tiwa Savage should be showing love to her fans and also challenging the system that treats women less than men.

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