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Simi Is A Fan Favourite For All The Right Reasons (And Here Are A Few)

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Nigerian musician, Simi is unarguably one of the most beloved and talented singers in Nigeria today.

Truth be told, Nigerians are very specific about the celebrities they choose to support, and having great talent is just not enough sometimes.  Simi is one of the celebrities who has managed to win Nigerians over with her voice and goofy personality. This talented singer is easily a fan favourite and here are a few reasons why we think so.

1. Simi’s social media presence

Simi is very active on social media, especially Twitter. She is constantly having conversations with her fans and even contributes to social media trends once a while. However, she’s not the one to mess with- her clapbacks are fire!

2. Her relationship with her mum

We’ve said it many times that Simi has an amazing relationship with her mother, Shola. Her mum’s hilarious trolling is also part of what keeps fans coming back to her comments section.

3. Her style of music is very unique


As Nigerians, we are used to a particular crop of fast-paced, ‘gbim gbim‘ music. But artists like Simi are changing this narrative by giving us a refreshing mix of afro pop, soul, and R&B.

4. Her passion for social issues

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do better. . Even if the rest of the world undermines us and treats us badly, WHY CAN’T WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN??? What kind of selfishness is this??? Other nations cater for their own, protect their own. Value their own. But we have these self-centered, money-hungry, mind-blind, visionless people that fight for leadership positions only to fill their pockets and make a mockery of all of us. The world laughs at us and thinks we’re lesser than them. Grown men fighting in the Senate house. Presidency badmouthing the youth to international media. . When it’s not the government, it’s the average man stealing from his brother. Killing his brother. Not fighting for his neighbour. Not edifying his neighbour. Which way???? . Oh ye Leaders of Today, what Legacy are you trying to leave behind????? I’m so mad!!!!! Why are you chasing away the people that have potential to edify this nation to places where they’re not even respected or seen as priority. Why don’t we love ourselves enough. Why???? I’m so upset!!! You have us looking for love in all wrong places. Ugh!

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Simi is one of those celebrities who have unashamedly voiced out their opinions about the state of Nigeria. Although she has come under fire from Nigerians for speaking her mind, she is not one to back down.

5. Her sense of style
Simi Is A Fan Favourite For All The Right Reasons (And Here Are A Few)

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Simi has had her fair share of criticism for her fashion sense and style. This does not bother her, as she continues to own her unconventional style unapologetically.

What’s there not to love about this superstar? Meanwhile, check out our favourite features from this star girl. She never disappoints!



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