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Patience Ozokwor Just Shared An Epic Photo Of When She Was A Girl, And We Love It!

(Photo: Facebook/Patienceookwor)

Guys, we need to talk about the new throwback photo that proves Patience Ozokwor has always been a fine woman!

Patience Ozokwor’s versatility is the reason why she is a fave. She has starred in numerous movies, became popular for her role as Mama G in the movie Old School, won awards, and even released a music album. And now, we’ve just found out she has a cute throwback photo!

Every time we see her on our screens, it seems like she’s isn’t ageing at all. She is still as young and energetic as we remember from a decade ago.

Just in case you need the proof of how beautiful she has always been, check out the Instagram post below. Patience Ozokwor was probably feeling nostalgic and decided to share a photo of herself as a girl.

The photo was taken back in the days when she was still rocking a cute afro. And guys, we think Mama G was a fashionista!

Patience also thinks she looks exactly like her daughter in the photo. Well, trust us to find a photo of Mama G with her daughter, Chioma. And we totally agree with her, Chioma got her looks from her mama!

What do you think about this photo? Anyway, while we are waiting for more epic throwback photos from Mama G, let’s reminisce about her classic movies.



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