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Then And Now: This NYSC Photo Of KKB Show’s Akan Nelson Will Make You Feel Old

Then And Now: This NYSC Photo of KKB Show's Akan Nelson Will Make You Feel Old
Silverbird Television series, The KKB Show was very popular back in the day and made our Saturday mornings really memorable.

Growing up in Nigeria, most of the shows on TV were either tailored to adults or were the white shows on Cartoon Network. And this is why The KKB Show was ahead of its time because Nigerian kids finally had children like them to look up to at the time. The show was a platform for kids to showcase their talents and learn positive values. From the adorable skits to the excursions and fun games, every child basically wanted to be on The KKB Show. 

Although the show stopped airing a long time ago, one of the things most people remember is My meat, my personal meat , the popular line from the show’s opening montage! Here’s a clip in case you don’t remember :

Well, the little boy that played that role is a grown man now. His NYSC picture went viral after Twitter user, Semiloore Akoni shared the throwback photo on his page. After doing some digging, we found out that he’s doing pretty well for himself now. 

His name is Akan Nelson and he has done quite well for himself as an artist, former CEO, and business analyst. Akan graduated from the University Of Rochester with a degree in Economics about 3 years ago and he seems to be working with the African Leadership Academy in South Africa on gearing youths for entrepreneurial and leadership success. 

He is also an artist and showcases his work on his other Instagram account .

Then And Now: This NYSC Photo of KKB Show, Akan Nelson Will Make You Feel Old

(Photo: Instagram/Akannelson)

Although the show now has an inactive Youtube Channel, it would be nice if a media house picked it up for a reboot. We wonder where the rest of the old cast are and what they’re doing now. To stir up more old memories, we found this old clip from our beloved KKB Show.

We might not have KKB anymore, but here are a few TV shows that we’re sure you’ll love.

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