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See Vex O! Mr Eazi Blasts People Who Insult Others For Having Darker Skin Tones

Mr Eazi is seriously angry at people who insult others with extra melanin. He is saying “be black and proud”!

We know Mr Eazi has had his fair share of internet trolling from his music career to comments and even his relationship with Temi Otedola. But this time, a fan came for his skin tone jokingly, o and it led to a full lecture on melanin acceptance.

It all started when Mr Eazi posted a photo of himself and football legend, Kanu Nwankwo on his instagram page.

A fan had a slight issue with his dark skin tone and said: “Chai! Bros you take style black o. Nice one 😍”. The singer picked offence fast and replied, “What’s wrong with being black?!! Pls don’t be stupid.

While the fan replied saying it was a joke, Mr Eazi certainly didn’t find it remotely funny.. He started a melanin acceptance lecture saying:

“Bless up my G! I appreciate the love! But it is wrong to make a joke at someone’s skin colour! Black, red, yellow, purple, white, brown, whatever the colour! There is no humour in that!”

And just in case the message was not passed, he also went on a full video rant about how calling people too black is a product of low self esteem. He is asking, “What does it mean to be too black?” This question needs an answer considering the number of trolling dark people get everyday. See the video below.

It must have hit Mr Eazi really bad for him to go on a full rant like that. According him, he would had ignored, deleted the comment and blocked the person. But he felt the need to school us and stress the importance to be “black and proud”.

Well, jokes about being too black are kind of played out in 2018- especially since we’re all about celebrating melanin these days. What are your thoughts about complexion jokes? Funny or unnecessary?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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