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Did Sholaye Jeremi Just Confirm He’s The Father Of Linda Ikeji’s Baby With This Post?

Photo: Instagram/Officialsholayejeremi

Photo: Instagram

Shola Jeremi who we believe to be the father of Linda Ikeji’s baby J posted a message on his Instagram stories and we can’t help but wonder if what he’s talking about is what we’re thinking.

Since the birth of Linda Ikeji’s baby Jayce Jeremi, after the somewhat confirmation as to who her baby daddy was, there has been no word from Sholaye Jeremi confirming or denying the speculation up till now.

He took to his Instagram to thank God for blessing him. Here’s what he said:

“God have blessed me beyond measures…I thank him for the gift of live and my wonderful gift he bestowed on me this month.”

Photo: Instagram/Officialsholayejeremi

This ‘wonderful’ gift best be his new baby, Jayce Jeremi abi? We can’t be wrong na.

According to some unverified reports, she might not actually be getting married to her baby daddy as she had implied prior to the boy’s birth and in this instagram post:

We’re not here to judge o! Just bringing the gist to you as e dey hot! Like we’ve said before, this is an actual reality show so stay tuned!

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