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The Meaning Of ‘Turnioniown’ Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See This Week

It is only the first month of 2019, but it feels like we already have the trend of the year. “Turnioniown” has quickly become one of the most popular trends on Nigerian social media platforms this year.

With something as random as an egg making international news for acquiring the highest number of likes on Instagram, weird social media trends no longer come as a surprise to us. We’ve said it countless times that Nigerians on social media know how to make the best memes out of random trends. If you’ve been wondering why people are tweeting about ‘turnioniown’, we will attempt to explain the meaning of the trend in this post. Unlike previous trends like “Stew”, and “My Ye is different to your Ye” ‘Turnioniown’ does not make much sense at first glance. Yet, many social media users have taken to this trend like fish to water.

The origin of Turnioniown

The trend was coined from a hilarious viral video of a man who was amazed to see a car move in circles without a driver behind the wheels. In a hilarious attempt at explaining his excitement, he said, “The car is turnioniown”, meaning “the car is turning on its own”. He seems to be one of those Nigerians who suddenly develop an accent as soon as they sight any type of recording device.

How Nigerians snatched it up

If there’s any chance that any random thing will go viral, Nigerians will snatch it up and put it to very hilarious use. And this is how we got the first trend of 2019. ‘Turnioniown’ has been used to describe things you have no control over or situations out of the ordinary.  A good example is, our unstable economy and in this case, we would say, “Nigeria is just turnioniown”.

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If you don’t take our word for it, check out how Nigerians are using the term.

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