We Global! Diddy Praises Falz On His “This Is Nigeria” Video – ZUMI

We Global! Diddy Praises Falz On His “This Is Nigeria” Video

#ThisIsNigeria: Watch Falz Break Down The Message Behind His Viral Video Zumi
How would you describe Nigeria? This is Nigeria – the land of Jollof rice, traffic, erratic supply of electricity and overall wahala. This and more was what Falz portrayed in his parody of Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’.
We Global! Diddy Praises Falz On His "This Is Nigeria" Video Zumi


In Falz version, he addressed societal issues such as police brutality, Boko Haram, insecurity, the codeine problem and many more. Although grossly imperfect and almost tone deaf, This Is Nigeria comes from a place of good intentions. But we’re not here to criticise the video just yet.

Expectedly, the viral video was received with mixed reactions with critics pointing out how Falz pandered to harmful stereotypes. That didn’t stop people from liking it though, even so much that Diddy reposted the video on Instagram. He commended Falz’ effort  in replicating the idea saying:

Sending love to Nigeria. So many great, beautiful artist changing the game!!!! ???? ✊? @falzthebahdguy

This is not to say Diddy’s repost necessarily erase the faults and imperfections in the video. However, Falz’ parody video is easily one of the best spoofs of Childish Gambino’s work. Moreover, considering the fact that Nigerian music is typically made for parties, it’s nice to get socially conscious visuals every now and then.

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