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Anthony Joshua’s Weird Food Combinations Have Got Nigerians Talking

Anthony Joshua diet
Guys, you only have to look at Anthony Joshua and his chiselled body to know that a lot of work goes into ensuring he is that fit.

However, we weren’t prepared to find out the diet Anthony Joshua actually fuels himself with these days. The world heavyweight champion shared his meals for the day on Instagram and the combinations are really weird.

Anthony Joshua

(Photo: Instagram/Anthony Joshua )

In just a day, Anthony consumed all the food staples you can think of – eba, ewedu, bread, rice and banana. However, what got Nigerians talking is his combination of bread, eba and ewedu for what seems to be his dinner. We also noticed that our fave heavy weight champion has a thing for stew. Get in here, Wizkid!

Anthony Joshua weird diet

(Photo: Instagram/AnthonyJoshua)

Trust Nigerians on Twitter to react to the combination and also demand an explanation.

Clearly, his diet changes often. Just weeks ago, while he was preparing for the world title showdown with Alexander Povetkin, his diet from years back was shared. And guess what guys? He was having toasted brown bread, porridge with sliced banana and fruits in 2015.

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Eat Healthy, Train Dirty 👊👊

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So guys, considering how fit Anthony Joshua is, would you eat like him for a whole day? And just in case it doesn’t work for you, there are other fast working diets for you to try out. 



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