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Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Kupe Challenge

Everything You Need To Know About The Kupe Dance Song Behind The Kupe Challenge
Since the video of the four French guys doing the Kupe Challenge came out, the internet has had various recreations and spin-offs of this challenge.

The Kupe challenge has gone crazy viral. It is literally all over the internet. Africans and even non-Africans, celebrities inclusive have joined in on this challenge. When the first video came out, everyone overlooked the main point of the video which is the Kupe song itself and placed all their focus on the fine ass men in it.

Here’s the video that started it all:

First things first, the Kupe song in the video is by A-star and was produced by Moris Beat. The Kupe dance itself which started the challenge originated from Ghanaian dance instructor and upcoming musician, Michael Amofa popularly known as Zigi. Although the challenge was brought to the limelight by the French men, its roots are a hundred percent Ghanaian. So yes Nigerians we can famz.

If you’re trying to learn the Kupe dance, this video of Zigi doing the dance is exactly what you need.

Mr. Zigi has created two dance challenges that have gone viral. The ‘Pilolo’ and the ‘Kupe’. Even pop star Janet Jackson performed both Pilolo and Kupe during her performance on the Jimmy Fallon show.

You can watch Janet’s performance here:

Now we know a little more about the Kupe challenge that doesn’t have to do with four French men.

Do you think this dance could take over the current most popular dance, shaku shaku? Does it have the range? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Meanwhile, check out these hilarious Nigerian versions of the challenge.



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