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5 TV Shows That Every Young Woman Should Totally Binge Watch

5 TV Shows That Every Young Woman Should Totally Binge Watch
Most times, young women can’t really relate to female portrayals on TV shows and we get the frustrations, sis. But trust us because these 5 TV shows are too relatable that every young woman should see them.

A lot of writers struggle to write relatable female characters for TV Shows. More so, as a young woman who is trying to live her life, you need to unwind and binge on some good TV shows. Hang on right there, these 5 shows have the right storylines, suspense and production elements for a young woman like you.

1. Before 30

Yeah, you guessed right. This show follows the tale of four young women who have to battle the pressure to get married before they turn 30. Relatable yeah?

2. Skinny Girl In Transit

Y’all know this show. The weaving stories of young women as they tackle family, weight, marriage pressure, career and fashion. Watch out because season 5 is on the way.

3. Awkward Things About Losing Weight

Keeping fit and trying to trim off the weight comes with its own drama. This show explores all these through the life of its awkward lead character.

4. Rumour Has It

If you haven’t been watching this, you should catch up fast because the lead women (who are bosses) in this show are not smiling, o. 

5. Insecure

This is a classic favourite. It is one of the realest and most relatable TV shows right now. The female character is grounded and all the other elements are on point.

Have you seen any of these shows or do you know other young females led-shows? Share with us in the comment section. Meanwhile, did y’all know Cardi B just became the first female rapper to hit 3 number 1 singles on Billboard 100? We got the gist.

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