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ZUMI Beauty Review: Fig Brightening Black Soap With Turmeric

Black Soap
If you’re ready to start your black soap journey, we’ve got you.

Shall we let you in on a secret? Black soap is gold for skincare! Though you have to go the extra length to get the ones without chemicals in it, so either you use your local seller or a trusted brand that whips this for you just right but in whatever form it’s a skin elixir.

Get to know the Fig Brightening Black Soap With Turmeric
Black soap

Fig Brightening Black Soap (Fig Health Store)

We found the Fig Brightening Black Soap With Turmeric and it’s a great place to start your black soap journey.

Remember we went on about natural skincare recently? If you know your natural skincare, you should have heard of black soap and by now know it’s bae! Add turmeric to that mix you get a bomb product.

And if you want an even skintone, a brighter complexion without bleaching/ au naturale then this Fig Brightening Black Soap With Turmeric is for you!

It’s not uncommon to see people who are not fans of this type of soap but this one comes natural with natural additives and even perfect, in variants; with or without eggs and coconut oil. We chose the one without.

Black Soap

Fig Brightening Black Soap (Ndani)

It comes in a tub/jar of about 700g and has no particularly special smell really. It’s gentle enough to be used on the face and body. For best results, use on slightly damp face and leave on as a mask few minutes before hitting the shower and watch your skin begin to glow after about a week of consistent use!

It’s definitely one that improves skin tone, brightens the skin and generally gives a softer and smoother/clearer skin after few uses. It works for all skintype as well though it’s best to test patch first.

There’s no special way of using it really; use as a mask on the face and for the whole body use normally with your body buff/sponge/loofah. We used it with our cleansing device and it worked great too!

Pros & Cons
  • It delivers on even skintone just like the brand promises
  • It brightens without side effects
  • Helps with skin glow
  • Works for both face and body (did someone say budget)
  • It comes in a jar that lasts for months
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We necessarily don’t like that we have to scoop when we use it because we end up getting out way much than we need which wastes the product! Otherwise it’s a great buy at N5500 as at the last time we bought ours.

You can get your order in via DM through their Instagram @fighealthstore




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