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ZUMI Beauty Files: Get To Know Your Products’ Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle
There’s a such a thing as a product life cycle. Just like every other thing makeup products have a life span to use and discard them but because sometimes they are still available we think it’s okay to keep using them! (No, it’s not!)

Product life cycle simply put is the life and death of a particular makeup product. Thankfully there’s a guide for this but not everyone notices! There’s always tiny sign on the product’s label/tube which tells you how long your products will last after you’ve opened them.

Product life cycle

This powder blush will expire in 24 months (Insider)

True, some products may seemingly look still good or can stay for months or years on end but should not be used forever just because they don’t look ‘spoilt’. Make it a habit to check your product’s expiry date after opening with the guide we mentioned above but just so you have a general idea, this is how long your basic beauty products should last.

Foundation (Liquid)

Your liquid foundation should be tossed after a year at the most. They can last up to a year when they are properly stored away heat. When left at room temperature, they can go up to a year but no more! Make sure you keep foundation away from hot environment, don’t leave it in the car for instance.

Powder (Loose & Pressed)

Powders can last up to a year and half and are less likely to harbour bacteria or cause infections. When you notice a change in colour or smell even before it expires though then it’s time to throw them out!

Product life cycle

This product will expire 24 months after opening (Insider)


Blushes can last up to a year. For cream based ones, after a year do away with them while powder based blushes can last up to two years.

Eye pencils

Eye pencils can last up two years as long as they are keep at room temperature. Note that they shouldn’t be passed around to avoid infections.


Mascara should be changed every three to four months. Every time you return the mascara wand into it, you’re reintroducing bacteria in it. It’s the only reason you shouldn’t share your mascara!


Eyeliner should also get tossed after about three months this is also important to keep infections away. You would do well to not share your eyeliners too!


Lipsticks can last from anything from 6 months to a year. They last a while because they are less likely to harbour bacteria because they are not liquid based. With lipglosses where their applicator are likely to grow bacteria for instance, maximum life cycle is 6 months afterwards, trash them.

What’s the longest you’ve used a beauty product for? Shop more makeup products here.



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