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You Should Totally Try These Stunning Braid Option By Dodos!

Braids never go out of style – this is a well-known fact but Dodos is adding a new and exciting touch to hers and we are like kids with candy at this new take. We are hoping to find out if you feel the same way as well!

Fashion and beauty influencer, Dodos Uvieghara is currently in the news for her definitive guide to achieving her signature pixie cut look. That’s not all as she is also pioneering a new braid era without even trying. Talk about being good at what you do!


(Photo: Instagram / IamDodos)

Braids are Dodos’s go-to when she decides to take a break from her signature pixie cut but she doesn’t get them regular. Instead, she opts for a super loose three-strand braid which look a lot fish fish braids – they might as well be! Collectively, this braid style looks like a cluster of tiny fish braids which are so appealing. We suppose this option is to escape from the pain of the usual braids style but it is such a double score.


(Photo: Instagram / IamDodos)


(Photo: Instagram / DM Photography)

We must mention that a downside of this style is that it needs more care than regular braids and probably doesn’t last as long. Regardless, escaping from the pain of the braids and in result getting a distinct look is an outcome that we really dig. The braid way of Dodos is super appealing that we can’t wait for our next hair appointment. You get the joy we feel right? We hope you feel it too!

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