Here's How To Choose The Right Hair Colour The Right Way!ZUMI

You Should Consider These Before Choosing A Hair Colour

Here's How To Choose The Right Hair Colour The Right Way!
The past few years introduced some pretty amazing hair. From the natural hair movement to trying out new styles, the hair community has really been thriving. And one way people have really shown their individuality is through hair colour. Pastels, ombrés, bold hues have all come out to play and we’re loving it. But hold the phone, how do we choose the right colour?

Learning how to choose the right colour is all about Y-O-U! There are certain personal elements you possess that can help you pick the right colour that’ll best suit you. From your skin tone to your personal style, these tips will help you choose right.

Here are tips on how to choose the right hair colour:

The colour of your skin
Here's How To Choose The Right Hair Colour The Right Way!

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Today’s beauty industry preaches that anyone can wear anything. However, rules exist for a reason. When choosing a hair colour, you have to take your skin colour/tone into consideration. If the colour makes your skin look too pale or dull, then it’s not right. But if it amplifies and makes your skin look radiant and more beautiful, then it’s good to go.

Your personal style
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Personal style plays a huge role in deciding on hair colour. You have to decide if you want to be noticed and daring or blend in conservative. If you want to be more noticed then you could lean towards red, orange, blonde or blue; and if you want to tone things down then browns, blacks and other dark colours will work.

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How many touch-ups you might need
Here's How To Choose The Right Hair Colour The Right Way!

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As you change hair colour you need to consider how many times you would need to have the colour retouched. Going from black to blonde will require touchups every couple of weeks. But something more subtle, like going a shade darker, won’t need that many trips to the salon.

Keep your age in mind
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We are here for women who want to look more youthful, but maybe you’d want to consider picking age-appropriate hair colour. Lighter and more intense colours are typically used to convey youthfulness, while darker and deeper colours give off a more mature vibe. However, the important thing is to consider what works for you.

There’s more where that came from. Get inspired by some of our favourite celebrities who love pastel hair.




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