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Tips For Braids? These 5 Pointers Will Get You Started Just Fine

With these tips for braids, you are on your way to getting your money’s worth!

Braids are go-to hairstyles for most African women but they don’t come without hassles. Braids take a lot of time, cost a lot and can be very painful for the first few days but with those out of the way prepare to live an easy life.

An important perk of braids is durability but most people don’t get to that stage because they fail to maintain them appropriately. For that reason, we’d be shedding light on 5 useful tips for maintaining your braids that would make them last longer and look healthy as well as well kept the whole time!


Protect Your Hair At Night

This tip is the most important tip for durability. Keep your braids through the night by protecting it with silk bonnets, pillowcases or head scarves. They tend to fall off but keeping them in place is key!

Use Natural Products To Keep Your Braids Moisturized

Natural oils like almond oil or coconut oil would provide all the supplements that your natural hair needs during the braids term but avoid mineral oils at all cost.


Wash Your Braids Twice Weekly

You would be amazed at how much dirt we accumulate daily. To keep your braids feeling fresh and healthy, give your braids a wash twice every week. Do not rule out professional help for this. DIYs don’t hurt as well.

Avoid Excessive Up-dos

Constant styling and excessive up-dos have effect on your hairline and would weaken the hair roots. Opt for styling tricks that will not strain your hairline.

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Redo your edges after 4-6 weeks

During this time, it is totally normal that hair in that area looks less attractive than in other parts. To solve this, take out the braids in that area, condition your natural hair and reinstall them.

There you have it. With these tips for braids, you can keep your favourite hairstyles looking neat and healthy the entire time!

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