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Unexpected Breakouts? Here’s What You Can Do

treatment for breakouts
Pimples always seem to pop out of nowhere. One minute you are looking all fresh-skinned and glowing like the sun and the next, there’s a zit forming on your forehead.

It’s so unfair that they take forever to clear up. And it doesn’t matter what you’ve heard/read, you cannot make a zit disappear overnight. We have a list of things you can try out, to make it less puffy and almost invisible in no time.

1. Exfoliate
treatment for breakouts

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Pimples and breakouts are mostly caused by excess oil (sebum) on the skin. And to get rid of this, you should exfoliate often to get rid of dead skin and excess oil. Exfoliation is one major way to reduce breakouts that people tend to overlook. If you have a store-bought exfoliant, go for it. If not, try one of the numerous homemade exfoliants specifically tailored to clear acne and watch that zit slowly disappear into the shadows. Be sure to look out for ingredients that work well for your skin type.

2. Try Crushed Aspirin
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This might sound weird but it actually works. Aspirin is generally made up of salicylic acid which helps soothe an angry pimple the same way it soothes a headache. Since aspirin is anti-inflammatory, there’s no wonder why/how it helps ease an unexpected zit. Simply crush an aspirin with a spoon or any clean, hard object. Add a few drops of water to create a paste and apply the paste on the pimple(s). Leave it on overnight and you are bound to wake up with a less angry, almost invisible pimple. You are welcome!

3. Tea Tree Oil
treatment for breakouts

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If you have tea tree oil at home, you are in luck. If you don’t and you are prone to skin issues, you should get some ASAP. Tea tree oil is known for treating all sorts of skin stuff and it definitely helps with clearing pimples. All you need do is dab very little on some cotton wool and apply it directly to the pimple. If you have super sensitive skin, dilute it with some coconut oil before applying it to your skin.

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Don’t forget to patch test first.

4. Try Some Toothpaste
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Who doesn’t have toothpaste lying around? Toothpaste is arguably one of the fastest ways to treat an unexpected pimple. It is quite tricky though because toothpaste usually contains ingredients that might irritate your skin. So remember to do a skin patch test on your arm before applying it on your pimple. Here’s the right way to use toothpaste for an unexpected pimple.

5. Get Your Hands Off It
treatment for breakouts

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If you really want that ugly pimple gone, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop touching it. We know it’s hard, we’ve been there but honestly, fiddling with your pimple will only make it hang around much longer. It can also cause redness and scarring later on. So even if you think your pimple is literally begging to be squeezed/popped, don’t indulge. Leave it alone and go to sleep.

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