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Try Microblading For The Most Natural And Perfect Looking Brows

it’s 2018 and full brows are in. But getting the perfect brows can be a struggle, especially if your natural eyebrows are scanty. What if there was a way to get perfect eyebrows without using brow pencils or fillers? Enter Microblading.
What is Microblading?

It is a tattooing technique where a handheld tool made up of tiny needles is used to add permanent pigment to the skin. Basically, tiny hairlike strokes are drawn on the skin to mimic your natural eyebrows. Microblading has become popular in recent times.  And if you have sparse brows then it’s a great option to consider. This is because you wouldn’t have to draw them in anymore!

A lot of certified aestheticians/salons do this in Lagos! In Ikeja, Glittering Health & Beauty offers the services.




No one would even be able to tell because of how natural it looks. Also you get to wake up with picture perfect brows.



The treatment can last up to a year and you can always go for a touch-up in between.


(Photo: Instagram/glitteringshealthbeauty)

There are also variations of the treatment which are microshading and microfeathering and the salon offers all three services. It is owned and managed by a guy popularly known as ”brow daddy”. Not to worry though, he is certified!

So will you be trying this out? Here are other ways to have your brows on fleek.



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