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Toothpaste To Clear Painful Acne? Been There, Done That!

toothpaste for acne
There’ll always be moments that your body springs surprises on you. One day, your skin is envy worthy and the next, you wake up to pimples saying hi to you or acne fighting for space right where the world can see them!
toothpaste for acne

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Fret not! We all get such surprises once in a while. Trying different methods to get rid of hormonal acne is a regular part of every woman’s life, from natural products to random recommendations and downright absurd ideas. We’d do anything to get back our smooth, soft face.

I recently found out that toothpaste can be an emergency messiah for acne. It makes them dry out quickly and quickens their healing time as well. However, it’s important that we don’t abuse them because some ingredients in most toothpastes have been known to cause irritation.

toothpaste for acne

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How To Apply

I made sure my face was clean then I applied the toothpaste only on the acne spots. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. Toothpaste is made up of ingredients that cause dryness, redness and irritation if applied to areas not affected by acne. So be careful and avoid using it as a face mask and don’t leave it on for too long. Continue this routine for 2-3 days for effective results

When I started using toothpaste for acne, I experienced the full dryness effect on the second day. I couldn’t believe it myself, but it did happen! I continued applying it on the affected area until I felt all the acne disappear. However a close friend continued applying long after the acne was gone and she started having rashes and irritation.

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Our skin varies in structure and texture, and what works for A may not work for B. So balance is key.

Meanwhile, you might not actually have black spots. Here’s what may really be going on.