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These Home Remedies Will Clear Puffy Eyes In Minutes!

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Sometimes life gets in the way and you find yourself crying all night. But then you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. But what do you find when you look in the mirror? Puffy eyes!

No one likes to have puffy eyes or eye bags because no matter how much makeup you put on to conceal it, it would find a way to show itself to the world. Of course, apart from crying, puffy eyes can be caused by stress, lack of sleep and allergic reactions.

So now, what to do? There are some home remedies that can and fast too.

1. Cold Compress

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The easiest of all. All you need is a clean washcloth. Dip the washcloth in cool water and apply the wet cloth on the swollen area gently. Do this gradually and in a few moments, the swelling would reduce.

2. Tea Bags

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Tea bags can also work for puffy eyes. Black tea bags have caffeine while green tea have chamomile and these have several benefits which includes the reduction of swollen eyes. Their ingredients penetrate the skin, reducing swelling. So first thing to do, you wet the tea bags, put them in the refrigerator for about 20 mins to cool. Then place on your eyes for another 20 minutes. Puffy eyes = Kicked out!

3. Cucumber Slices

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The use of cucumber slices also help with healing puffy eyes. Cucumbers are filled with ingredients that heal almost any ailment. However they have to be cool. First thing to do is to wash the cucumber, never assume that it’s clean! Wash then refrigerate it for about 15 mins and cut into circular slices. Put these on your eyes for another 10 mins or until it is no longer cool.

4. Egg Whites

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Yes. Eggs! Eggs are not only for eating and for the hair. They are also very good for the skin. They help in tightening the skin. Use only the egg whites. Whisk the egg whites until stiff then apply on the swollen skin and leave it to dry. The skin will feel tighter and the swelling will gradually reduce.

Adopting one of the methods above would help with reducing the swelling and then you can have a beautiful day with your normal sized eyes.



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