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These Bold Manicure Ideas Are Perfect For The Festive Season

(Photo: Instagram / Jackieaina)

(Photo: Instagram / Nailstudiobytom)

We know your usual glam self is getting a reboot for the festive season but sister girl, don’t leave out your nails out of the fun fest! Adorn them with dope designs but if you are stuck on how to go about your bold manicure trend, we have a treat for you!

The festive season is all about fun, excitement and shine. That is the exact direction your thoughts should follow when you want to get a manicure. Think bold colours, studs, fun prints, chrome in unique shapes and personality conscious lengths (because let’s be honest bizarrely long nails are razz!) . Not to worry we have a couple of bold manicure design designs we would like to share with you!

Colour Galore

Let nothing stop you this festive season if you love a good colour party. To make a distinct statement, try colours like red and yellow and play them up with studs. You could also try the matte option to give the glossy effect a much-deserved rest!

(Photo: Instagram / Jackieaina)

(Photo: Instagram / Nailstudiobytom)

(Photo: Instagram / Nailstudiobytom)

Double The Fun With Prints

Print options take your mani out of the ordinary with fun and playful designs. Now, nail artisans are getting really creative with their artworks so there’s no limit to the options you can choose from. So get with the print fest!

(Photo: Instagram / Beautyinlagos)

(Photo: Instagram / Thebeautynovator)

(Photo: Instagram / Shalomblac)

Futuristic / Fun Minimal

We have options for different personalities so for our friends who are not about the in-your-face mani vibe, we have an option for you too. Jazz up your usual neutral choice with studs in strategic places. You can also leave everyone shook with a futuristic chrome mani.

(Photo: Instagram / Nailstudiobytom)

(Photo: Instagram / Nailstudiobytom)

We are sure you just booked an appointment with our popping options but you have to let us know which one fits your mood best!

For more mani option, check colours that are suitable for ladies with dark skin tone here!

(Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Nailstudiobytom)



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